YRM Consulting

Thanks to the experience we have managing mastering projects from start to completion, we believe we can avoid many challenges that originate in the premastering process by starting early, before any production methodology is applied.

We have implemented an approach to support both professionals and amateurs by helping plan the stages of production for albums.

Starting with the recording process, mixing, and finally to the master file, we offer personalized service with attention to detail by applying our concept of mastering craft from the beginning to the end of the recording.

We regularly work closely with sound engineers and recording studios in Barcelona and abroad.


- Now I got the master, now what? -

Most artists require the ability to auto edit their album prior to launch. Their record label may not always meet all needs of the artists and the band, therefore, we recommend our service as well as physical or digital distribution as an option to starting artists who are interested in DIY

We offer a consulting service for edition, distribution and music royalties

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