After working in different mastering studios Yves has built his own studio on 2012 in Barcelona in order to provide a solution to customize and improve sound performance. Equipped with cutting-edge digital and analog technology, the study is comparable to international standards of mastering. The studio is located in the center of Barcelona.

The studio’s technical specifications and equipment have been designed to obtain optimal audio results. The studio has been designed to adapt to any style of music.

  • Converter : Prism Sound ADA
  • Equalizer : WEISS EQ1-LP
  • Compressor-Limiter-De-esser: WEISS DS1-MK3
  • Compressor : MANLEY varimu version mastering with high pass side chain option.
  • Equalizer : MANLEY mini massive passive (with 3 different colors for 3 types of transformers)
  • Equalizer: BUZZ AUDIO
  • Monitors : Crane song avocet
  • Speakers : ATC SCM 110A SL ampack
  • Workstation: Sequoia 14
  • Mastering Console TYPE-S, diffusers,membrans and bass traps designed by

THOMAS JOUANJEAN and SILVIA SANTAFÉ from have been in charge of the design and the building process of our new mastering suite.