Yves is an expert at technically perceiving musical expression through critical listening, dialogue and professional experience. He offers a creatively sensitive and constructive perspective to recordings while maintaining great respect to the original score / concept. It is with this knowledge of technical process and sensitivity that allows him to provide solid, polished support during the mastering phase.

Yves’ approach can conveniently be switched between analog to digital processing without losing sound quality thanks to high-end converters as well the latest technology in digital equipment and tubes and / or semi-conductors.

Through careful concentration on detail, precise listening and developing his own technique, Yves has never failed to redefine the notion of mastering a single goal: to always achieve the best possible sound for music production customers.

His services include:

  • Optimization of the sonic potential of a recording, respecting the artistic vision.
  • Rebalancing of frequencies to avoid a hard, flat or lifeless sound.
  • Locate the right custom sound for each recording to achieve quality levels comparable to the best albums in the market.
  • Increase volume without noticeable adverse effects of compression while maintaining important dynamics.

Each recording is mastered separately yet the editing process will pay particular attention to the global nature and coherence of the album. We accept all formats and work in high resolution. The mastering of each project is in terms of future support that will be used (CD, vinyl, digital downloads, mastering for iTunes etc...)